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On this page you will find the latest SharePoint Resources and publications by vNext Solutions employees!

Deploying SharePoint 2016
Learn how to install, configure, and maintain the latest release of Microsoft’s popular SharePoint Server, SharePoint 2016. This latest version brings with it many changes for IT professionals. Read Deploying SharePoint 2016 to find out how to create a performant and stable SharePoint environment for your company.
Conversational SharePoint 2016

SharePoint Server 2016 is the latest and greatest release of SharePoint and Microsoft packed a ton of great features inside. The goal of this book is to showcase the new features included in SharePoint Server 2016 for IT Professionals as well as for Business Users. You won`t need to install SharePoint 2016 to know all the business benefits that it brings to your business!

Provision and Configure Web Applications in SharePoint 2016
Web Applications are a core part of every SharePoint Server implementation. In this course, you’ll learn everything that you need to know in order to be create Web Applications in your SharePoint 2016 environment.
Planning for SharePoint Server 2016: Logical Architecture and Integrations
This course will teach you how to plan your SharePoint 2016 logical architecture, SharePoint farm security, and how to plan for integration with Exchange Server 2016 and Project Server 2016.
Planning for SharePoint Server 2016: Physical Topology and Services
SharePoint Server 2016 brings a lot of changes to the Infrastructure Architecture, with new features such as MinRole and Microsoft Identity Manager. You’ll learn how to plan your SharePoint 2016 Infrastructure to answer your business needs.
Implementing a Hybrid SharePoint 2013/2016 Infrastructure
SharePoint hybrid infrastructures are gaining popularity, so SharePoint IT professionals need to prepare. You’ll learn how to configure a hybrid infrastructure in either SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 to allow your users to be more productive.
SharePoint at Work: Creating a Workflow in SharePoint Designer
This course covers the fundamentals on how to create a SharePoint workflow in SharePoint Designer. This course applies to SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 as well as SharePoint Online in Office 365.
PowerShell for Office 365
Take your Office 365 Administrator skills further by learning to automate repetitive tasks as well as access advanced settings using the magic of PowerShell.
Planning and Deploying Office Web Apps 2013
Office Web Apps Server is a new Office server product that delivers browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. In this course, you will learn what exactly Office Web Apps 2013 is, how it works and how you can install and connect it with Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint.
Maximizing SQL 2012 Performance for SharePoint 2013

As a SharePoint Consultant I get to see dozens of SharePoint farms every year, and one of the most common complaints I get from clients – is that SharePoint is slow. A lot of people think that SharePoint is slow because the SharePoint servers are lacking resources or, simply, because SharePoint is a slow product. Although resources allocated to the SharePoint servers (e.g. Web Front Ends and App servers) are important, not a lot of people realize that SharePoint performance is directly related to the database, SQL Server. In fact, 94% of SharePoint data is stored in SQL.

In this whitepaper, we will explore many options on how to optimize SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013.